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FIFA 17 Tips for your Journey
fifa 17 FIFA 17 Journey FIFA 17 Coins Tips 2017-01-21 10:00

FIFA 17’s Journey mode has provided sports game fans something never before heard of in this type of video game, a story. As strange as it sounds, this story mode for FIFA 17 has actually made it a high selling game surpassing a lot of fine games released this year. FIFA 17’s the Journey is pretty straightforward and easy to play even for the new comers, but there are a few tips and tricks for FIFA 17 Journey mode that could make you better than you are now. So if you are ready, let’s take Alex to victory and beyond.


Choose the right position for you. Aside from your preference, take the club into account and see which position is the weakest currently.

Pick a club, any club. Now think about the position you have chosen and try to analyze the clubs. If you get a position where your fellow players are crap, you can get to be the show off I know you are.

Playing as whom? Here is the tip for FIFA 17:
playing as Hunter= you get to look cool and have more control over the ball.
playing as the team= strategy.

Cheat…? Well, first off you are a loser for doing this, but you can go in the settings tap and use the user settings to tweak everything to perfection.

All set?

So, are you ready to take Alex Hunter into the FIFA 17 hall of fame? Well, too late since he already has the most recorded goals in FIFA history since everyone is playing Journey mode in their spare time… But you can at least make him look cool…. I guess. All in all, get ready for some crazy gameplay which you can control thanks to these FIFA 17 Journey tips. And visit when you need cheap FIFA 17 Coins or want to buy FIFA 17 points, this is the best site!

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