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What's New With FIFA 21 Volta Gameplay?
FIFA 21 volta FIFA 21 coins fifa coins FIFA 21 release FIFA 21 gameplay 2020-09-09 11:28
FIFA 21 Volta mode comes with several updates. One of the most important updates concerns the gameplay. This refers to how players control their footballers on the pitch. The updates' goal is to make the game more fun. A couple of new moves have been implemented. Energized skill moves allow players to make attacking moves on the defenders. They will take advantage of accurate ball control to create one of a kind situations.
One of the new energized skills moves is the flick up. The players will need to press the R3 button to do a flick up in the air. The R3 and the left stick combo allows players to do a flick up in a certain direction. If your footballer has a high skill move attribute, he will do more spectacular animations. Flick up variants such as around the world, ball roll spin, and drag back spin can only be done by players who have maximum skill moves rating. Your Volta avatar can be upgraded to achieve five stars.
FIFA 21 Volta comes with a player upgrade feature. Players can also develop their moves into passes and shots. Agile dribbling is another new Volta move. This will allow you to create passing and shooting opportunities by quickly getting past the defenders. Agility on the field is one of the most important parts of Volta football. You need to hold R1 or Rb and move the LS in order to do this move.
Nutmegs are another crucial part of Volta mode. This year, we have a new control that gives players the chance to send the ball in a direction. This means that you can launch the ball through the defender's legs. You will start by holding L1 and R1 or LB and RB. Then you will move the RS button in the direction in which you want to send the ball. 
These moves can also happen when you dribble as you move towards the defender. The shooting system was made better as well. You will be able to do more precise and powerful shots. Players will notice updates to long shots. The defending system got some improvements too. Players will be able to block shots more easily. This goes for both human and computer-controlled players.
This year's Volta mode comes with a system called attacking intelligence. The team members will have a better evaluation of the dribbler so they can create better opportunities. This improves the counter attack.
If you’re not that much into Volta mode, you would probably enjoy the Ultimate Team mode, where you can use FIFA coins unpacking or buying stuffs for your players. Check out U7BUY FUT store for more great deals of FIFA 21 coins. The coins will be available in early October.

(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)
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