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FIFA 20 – Types of Volta Matches
FIFA 20 Volta fifa coins FIFA 20 Volta mode FIFA 20 coins 2019-09-09 13:50
Volta is one of the FIFA 20 new features that players are looking forward to the most. It allows players to play football in a different way. Volta takes the football experience to the streets. There are no big stadiums with thousands of viewers but the competitions are just as exciting.

Volta is a new way to play EA FIFA. As you can guess, it comes with new rules and different types of games. Developers wanted to give players as much variety of possible and a brand new experience. So forget everything you know about the classic 11 versus 11 gameplay and get ready for something new. There are three types of games in this mode. Each type is a one of kind way of playing FIFA 20. Each mode has specific mechanics that put players in different situations than the classic gameplay. The AI handles the formations and rotations is many ways that allow players to select the tactic they want to use.

Rush Keepers mode can be played 3v3 or 4v4. There are no goalkeepers in this mode and players don't have a fixed position. The goals are small. Each player does whatever it needs to be done. You can defend, score, block a shot, and so on. No one has a specific role.

Street with Keepers is another mode. Judging by the name, you can tell that this mode has goalkeepers. This mode is played 4v4 or 5v5. The goals are futsal-sized.

Speaking of futsal, this is the third type of Volta game. It can be played in 5v5. It has rules, referees, and it is similar to traditional football. This type of match has the same formations as street with keepers 5 versus 5. You may think that three types of games aren't that many but there are more ways to customize your experience. Environments, for example. You will see that the same game type can be a new experience depending on the selected environment.

So far this would be the biggest change of FIFA 20. It could bring more fun to existing players and really easy-playing for new players. If you already struggled for seeking a place to buy FIFA coins and crush other players at the very beginning of FIFA 20, would be your best choice.
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