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What's New in this Season of FIFA Mobile
FIFA Mobile Season FIFA Mobile Update FIFA 19 News 2018-11-13 13:41
This new FIFA Mobile season comes with exciting new features such as an improved game engine. This update allows a better graphics experience as well as new gameplay elements. Players should keep in mind that the game now has higher system requirements. The system requirements are available on the official website. A set of requirements is needed to download the game and another one for playing head to head mode. Players whose devices don't meet the second set of requirements will still be able to enjoy the game's content but they won't be able to play against others in head to head games. 
Football players models have been greatly upgraded. The players look more authentic and their behavior is closer to reality. The animations are more fluid. FIFA Mobile is now one of the most realistic football mobile games. Users won't notice that the game looks better but also that celebrations look more real. Football players' moves are being reproduced in game. The most popular football players are known for their unique moves and FIFA Mobile players will be able to see them behaving in the same way on their screens. Players' interaction on the football field has also been improved. 
A new set of offense moves is also available thanks to the update. Moves like heel to heel and lane change are now part of the game. Existing moves like rainbow have better animations. A free kick system allows players to score more goals. Chemistry is one of the features of the new season. This feature existed in the main FIFA game and now it's in the mobile version too. Football players now have a new attribute that defines their interaction. This new feature changes the way teams are built. Players should look for football players with good chemistry because that will affect team performance and increase their chances of winning games and fifa coins. The new season starts with a small tutorial and a presentation of the new features so players can learn more about it. 
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