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NBA Live 18 – What is Ultimate Team
FIFA 18 FUT 18 Coins NBA Live 18 2017-12-08 14:06
NBA Live 18 has a gameplay mode called Ultimate Team. This mode is implemented by other sports themed games and it's one of the most popular ways to play the game. Ultimate Team mode is similar to a card collecting game. Players collect cards, form teams, and take part in all sorts of activities for rewards. Coins are an important part of this mode. Players obtain them from activities and spend them on packs that contain cards. Packs can also be bought with NBA points that are a premium currency obtained in exchange for real money. The contents of a pack are randomly decided. A pack will contain cards that represent players and other items. 

The Customize Team menu has all sorts of options that players use to personalize and modify their teams. It's possible to change a team's name and logo. Players will also choose a coach, venue, and outfit. Teams can also be deleted but before doing this players should really make sure this is what they want as they will lose the coins associated with that particular team. However, they can rest assured as NBA points won't be lost. Active Lineup is a feature that allows users to change team's composition. Basketball players can be assigned different positions or replaced. If players decide to sell items, they can do it from this menu. Players will keep coming back to this feature as they will find out that staying on top of the game requires constant work. Better players will enhance a team's chances of success and putting other players in different positions will change strategy. Players are also free to experiment with various card combinations. Cards can be bought and sold at the auction house. Activities like fantasy challenges and head to head games provide an opportunity to test lineups. Fantasy challenges have all sorts of requirements and some are available for a limited duration of time. Head to head games are played against other users. The GM list offers a set of objectives that also give rewards.  

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