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FIFA 18 Added 1.6 Million Simultaneous Players at the Weekend
FIFA 18 Coins FUT 18 Coins FIFA 18 News 2017-10-10 11:06
It is not even a single week since FIFA 18 managed to officially hit the market, which is already achieving great numbers for an impressive initial success. Therefore, after crowning itself as the top-selling title in the UK last week, this weekend has seen 1.6 million users playing simultaneously.

While it is true that as indicated by the statistics collected by PlayStation, Xbox One, PC and Switch, no figures have been shared regarding the platforms on which this incredible milestone has been achieved, based on the sales results recorded in the UK , it would be logical to expect that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One would have managed to bring together most of this large number of users. So we have prepared enough stock of FIFA 18 Coins Xbox One and PS4 for all the players.

It seems that with this data that have been shared from Electronic Arts would confirm the idea that despite the fact that the saga has seen a considerable drop in sales of physical copies, this would have been offset by digital transactions, a trend that we may see even to older ones during the next years of the industry.

So, to finish remembering that FIFA 18 has already received its first major update with which it has been in charge of solving multiple problems affecting many different aspects of the title. In case you are interested in learning more about the changes made by Electronic Arts, you can do so by entering the article that you have just published.

Remember that you can get FIFA 18 in the console of your choice and you can ask us your doubts about how to get FUT 18 Coins cheap.

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