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PES 2017 vs FIFA 17: What is the Best Football Game of the Year? (II)
FIFA 17 Coins FIFA 17 News PES 2017 2017-09-04 15:42
As with the gameplay, it depends on the personal use that is going to give each one to the game to assess if it is positive to have a greater number of game modes. If you're only going to play quick games with your friends at home or online, or if you prefer a game that can offer you more variety to play for months.
Here FIFA wins long as every year, because for the same price, it offers a wider range of playable options of all kinds. This year has included a new mode called El Camino in which we will be Alex Hunter, a fictitious player who aspires to be a football star. We will have to make the right decisions so we do not stay halfway and finish our career sooner than expected. This new game mode reminds you of PES Legend Mode or My Career in NBA 2K.

New ways of getting better cards for the FIFA Ultimate Team have been added, while following the classic options and last year's FUT Draft. As a new addition is the FUT Champions tournament, in which we must qualify each week for the day and compete with other players for rewards and even the opportunity to participate in the world stage to get prizes of up to 1.3 million dollars.
In Carrer Manager mode, new options focused on financial targets have been implemented this year. In addition now we can choose to be coach, sports director and even president of a club. We also have Pro Clubs with customizable teams of up to 11 players and divisions to upgrade with a new player progress system.
FIFA has a huge number of official competition and team licenses, including women's teams. This year we have added the Brazilian league and the Japanese league, so even if you do not have a publisher as complete as PES 2017, we would not have an imperative need to use it.
So which one do you think is the best game of the year? FIFA 17 coins sale are on online now. Take your chance to buy them before FIFA 18 coins service online this September.   

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